Pringle Cottage

Pringle Cottage - Warwick Museum, QLD

Pringle Cottage - Warwick Museum, QLD

The Cottage


As you enter the museum grounds through the heritage sandstone rose garden (built and designed by members to celebrate Warwick's 150th birthday in 2011) taking pride of place is our sandstone treasure, Pringle Cottage Circa 1870 built by Scottish stonemason John McCulloch.

Over the years it has been a home for Mr & Mrs McCulloch, 3 different schools, the last being Mrs Pringle's Milton College, a family home, boarding house, and a set of flats during W.W.2, then once again becoming a family home.

Pringle Cottage is a heritage listed sandstone cottage fur­nished with many different period items donated by early settler families. 

On either side of the entry door are two leadlight windows with the torch & rising sun symbols from the original RSLeague in Warwick. Each window is dedicated to the fallen in WW1, two brass plaques record the names. 

The building was officially opened as a museum in October 1968 having been purchased from Mrs J.D Rowland.

Step back in time...

The Kitchen


One of the most popular rooms in the cottage, the kitchen has a large display of authentic utensils used during that period.

The Maid Room


Located above the kitchen, the maid had easy access to the cottage.

The Parlour


An interesting room used for entertainment and resting after a hard day of labour.

The Nursery


A large room to accommodate all the children of the house, offers a great display of period toys.

The Bedroom


A large room set up for mum and baby with as many commodities possible at the time.

The School Room


It offers a real display of the school with many interesting items that were used to educate children.