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Owned by the Warwick & District Historical Society Inc.

The Warwick & District Historical Society was founded in 1966. The Warwick museum complex is operated and maintained by volunteer members

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Pringle Cottage

The main building of the museum is ‘Pringle Cottage’ circa 1870. It was built by John McCullock, a stone mason from Scotland. He also built several other sandstone buildings of significant heritage value in Warwick: The Abbey of the Roses which was the Convent of Mercy, the Town Hall, the Uniting Church and the Church of England.

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The Warwick Museum Complex

We have a collection of old buildings which show the variety of furniture, clothing, implements etc. which illustrate how people lived in the past.

Outdoors, the old threshing machines, ploughs, carts and wagons give a picture of life at that time and show the ingenuity and strength these early pioneers demonstrated to make this settlement successful. 

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Collecting and preserving our local heritage for future generations

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Warwick Museum Complex

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